Thursday, May 10, 2012

Taco Muffins are amazing

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"Taco muffins"
Last night we tried out one of the billion recipes circulating around Pinterest, Taco Muffins. They were amazing.
Take your flour tortillas (we make our own lately) and cut out circles to fit in your muffin tins.
Fill with seasoned ground beef and cheese.
Bake at 400* until cheese is melted and tortilla edges are browned.
Remove from tray and top with sour cream, salsa, lettuce and tomato.
Devour instantly.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Only Shepherds Pie can be the temperature of ice and lava simultaneously.

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"Only Shepherds Pie can be the temperature of ice and lava simultaneously. "
There's always a lot of swearing when it's (frozen) Shepherds Pie night.
Holly always makes two, we eat one that day and freeze the second for a quick and easy meal.
It's easy but it's never quick because the damn thing never thaws right. Even after sitting on the counter all day and in the oven for over two hours, there's a good chance of an icy pocket right in the middle (of my piece).

Ouch my teeth

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"Ouch my teeth"
Oreo Cakesters are sickeningly delicious and feel terrible on my cavities.
After I ate two packs I looked at the nutritional info to see what the damage was. 
not good.
these will kill you.
Actually, I had a McDonalds apple pie a few days ago which (in my mind) seemed like a 'healthy' snack but those are even worse than the Cakesters. A McDonalds pie has 38% of your recommended fat for a day. I guess they're really bad because they're deep fried rather than baked. fffffuuuuuu
I should just stop looking at the nutritional info and buy stretchy pants.