Wednesday, February 1, 2012

5 Things Nobody Tells You About Being Poor

I just came across this article on Cracked and even though the way their articles are written always give me a good laugh there is complete truth to this one and it's a good honest read. I'll sum up the points of it here but you should definitely go check out the whole article, you might learn something. But be warned, the language is very NSFW, which to me makes it a lot funnier!

  1. You get charged for using your own money (bank overdrafts and fees)
  2. There is an industry that profits by keeping you poor (payday loans)
  3. No credit can be just as damaging as bad credit (being financially responsible by never taking out a loan, etc)
  4. Your next expensive disaster is always around the corner (not having an emergency fund will cost you more)
  5. You're always in survival mode (working crappy jobs just to pay the bills instead of taking a risk for a better job or school because it's more expensive right away)

And if that made you depressed check out one of their other articles, they have tons of cute lists and weird stuff.

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