Friday, May 27, 2011

The 30 day challenge - The Rules

The 30 day challenge is something we've thought up to get us back on track financially, or at least to get our asses in gear to do something.

The rules:
  • $200 grocery budget (currently spending close to $400 for 2 people)
  • no pop, slurpees or juice (full of sugar and we can do without)
  • no junk food - chocolate bars, chips, candy etc
  • no icecream
  • no takeout or restaurant meals (we usually do a takeout dinner at least once a month)
  • no Starbucks
  • Get up earlier
  • Get to bed earlier
  • Exercise everyday (at least a walk)
  • Document the progress
That might not seem like a crazy challenge to you, but this is a huge change for us. Trying to stick to a schedule with a tiny saboteur with us will not be easy.
The goal is to get an extra $200 we can put toward credit card debt at the end of the month.
If we fail, we do this again in July. If we succeed and didn't hate it we do it again in July.

Why June? A) the sooner the better B) there are no special events like birthdays to interfere with the cashflow.

But wait there's more!
In addition to saving money by spending less, we're going to try to make some money back by selling some of our extra things. Some large baby gear has been outgrown but nothing needs to be replaced immediately. Jon will also be working on expanding his business.

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