Friday, May 27, 2011

Introduction - Who we are and what this is about

Hello and welcome to Scrimpulous! Yes all the good names were taken. This blog is sharing our ideas and challenges living well on a limited income.
To kick it off we're challenging ourselves to stick to an aggressive budget for the month of June. Details of that will be in an upcoming post.

Who we are:
The blog is written by Jon and Holly. Jon is a freelance audio engineer mostly working from home, Holly is currently at home with maternity benefits taking care of our 7 month old daughter Alice. We are currently living in Vancouver, British Columbia.

What is this about:
In September Holly's maternity benefits will end and our available funds will take a big hit. In addition, we have a fair amount of credit card debit incurred from our move last year to pay off before then.
We're looking for ways to cut costs, reduce waste, clear clutter, freecycle, and of course ways to make money. We'd like to share our ideas because we know this is a common situation.

We'd like to encourage you to share your tips as well, and if you see where we might be doing the wrong thing please let us know. If we're start to get lazy and slack in our budget, give us hell!

Thanks for reading, this should be fun.

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