Wednesday, August 31, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Round 2

We're going to be doing the 30 Day Challenge again for September.
June went really well, July was decent but August we were really careless.
We came into extra money, and Jon had several large projects, but we also spent quite a bit, we didn't keep track of groceries, we bought takeout a couple times, and treats, and internet shopping and McDonalds. We're still substantially further ahead of where we were financially just two months ago, but we still need to be careful. We barely posted on the blog and I didn't make anything new to add to my Etsy shop. There were also quite a few days when nobody went outside and no chores got done.

So it needs to be done again to get us back on track. The rules of the first challenge (which we didn't strictly follow) are being adjusted in the following ways
  • The grocery allowance is going to go up to $250 from the $200 that we've been previously going for. We always went over a bit and now that Alice is fully into solids we need to have a good supply of fresh fruits and veggies at all times for her (and us) to have. 
  • The occasional treat is allowed, maybe a small item once a week such as a pop or chocolate bar. 
  • No more bakery items. It's cooling down a bit now so baking is bearable, I should once again be able to provide bagels, buns, breads and treats. 
  • We need to get out every day even if it's a short trip around the block. Once a week is fine to spend the whole day inside as long as it's a productive day such as getting the whole place cleaned up, doing a project or some bulk cooking and portioning. 
  • I'm using the washers in the building again, it was just getting too rough on my hands doing the laundry in the tub. Some stuff just wasn't getting as clean and smelled musty since I couldn't wring it out enough. I'm still hanging everything to dry so our laundry bill is still only half of what it had been
 So on the agenda for tomorrow:
  • Dishes
  • Laundry
  • Clean bathroom
  • Clean pet houses (just a quick poop-scoop and wipe down)
  • Bulk Groceries (large items like rice and sugar that we're out of)
  • Sweep floor
  • Go through Alice's clothes and get some stuff ready to go to consignment shop
  • Craigslist ads
We'll be posting every day this month to document our challenge.

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