Thursday, September 1, 2011

30DC2 - Day 1

Fairly successful first day of the challenge.

Some of the less important chores were skipped. The floor will be swept before the studio session in the morning.
We paid rent, cleaned the bathroom, did laundry and dishes and took out the garbage.
In the afternoon we got the money out for groceries for the month. Stopped by Rio's to check the discount meat freezer and got some of the larger and more expensive groceries for the month from Comos.

Groceries Day 1: Total $36.16
Rio's - 2 boneless seasoned chicken breasts, 1lb margarine. Total $3.50
Como Market - 8KG rice, 4KG sugar, 2KG brown sugar, regular tea, corn meal. Total $32.66

We have the meals planned for all of September. Here is dinners for the rest of this week.

We've been planning our meals in Google Calendar for a few years now. It's virtually eliminated the blank staring into the cupboards and fridge trying to figure out what to eat for dinner. Planning the meals in advance means we can make better shopping lists so we rarely run out of something essential for a meal.

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