Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ghetto laundry and other things that have been happening this week

I've gotten really far behind in laundry, to the point that we ran out of underwear and clean towels. Not for lack of trying, our building only has 2 washers for everybody to share and one of them is out of order and has been for a week. So I did a load of tub laundry 2 days ago and then I didn't bother to take out any more money for the washing machines. And today I did another load of tub laundry. And in 2 more days I guess I'll do another. It's not really that bad, I'm still 2 loads behind, the towels and sheets and a bunch of clothes are still piled in the bedroom.

I'll probably continue to do this, it will be easier once I get through the pile and can do smaller amounts so my poor drying rack isn't overburdened. It's a lot harder to get the clothes as dry as a spin cycle in the washer would just by wringing them out.

Plus saving the money is good, our laundry costs will be going from about $50 a month to $0 a month.

I got another surprise cheque for $400! I forgot about the quarterly HST return! So that and the MSP return are going onto the credit card and taking a nice big dent out of it!

Mail seems to be moving now and I finally got the clips I ordered at the beginning of June. Still waiting on my business cards, the only thing that is holding up the opening of my Etsy shop.

This week I also made Alice a cute pajama dress using an old t-shirt of mine using this tutorial from Nap Time Crafters. I didn't bother with cinching the waist or adding flowers since it was just for jammies. She promptly barfed on it so it's somewhere in the massive laundry pile. We did manage to get a photo of it first!

We're having giant Chicken Caesar salads for dinner. I made my own croutons because I needed to use up a quarter loaf of no knead bread from a couple days ago. I used Pioneer Woman's recipe. I love this woman, she's awesome. I've made tons of recipes that she's posted.

I guess that's it for today, have to try to get the baby beast to sleep.

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