Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Workout in bed

This is kind of a weird topic. I don't know how I ended up browsing videos on working out in bed but I did and found this one most interesting.

  1. She's well fit
  2. She's excellent talking to the camera, no uhms and ahhs, even though she's clearly embarrassed and doing strenuous activity.
  3. The exercises don't look particularly complicated but with all the repetitions would result in a great full body workout.
  4. It looks like a far less boring workout than doing situps and pushups or jogging.
  5. There's no special equipment required
  6. When you're done you can just collapse and fall asleep
We don't currently workout at all, but we both have some pregnancy weight to get rid of. The fact that these are so simple means that we might actually do them.

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