Saturday, October 1, 2011

30DC2 - the end

The end of the second round of our 30 day challenge ended.
It wasn't really successful in terms of accomplishing the goals and following the rules but we did reduce our spending on groceries. Compared to a few months ago, we're eating better, spending less, earning and saving more and paying off debt.
Overall it's good that we did this, but it wasn't as successful as the first round.

Grocery budget = $240. Actual = $284.02 (we did have an extra adult to feed for 7 days)
Daily exercise = hell no haha
No takeout = pizza and several shwarmas. Only about $30, less than usual and we walked to get it.
Indulgent purchases = 27" iMac. (it was refurbished at least!)

We both feel like we didn't get much accomplished, even if we did. Our energy levels have been low from crappy sleep for the last two weeks. During the day we can't focus on any chore or project without constant harassment from Alice and when she actually sleeps we can't do anything because we have to be quiet.
That tiny jerk.

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