Saturday, September 10, 2011

30DC2 - Day 10

This is probably a boring post, in fact, I know its boring because I lived through it.

Today started with an early wake up from Alice. I figured since I had to go to the bank and post office this morning I'd just bring her in the carrier after my coffee. Two problems with this plan, the first was the Post Office doesn't open until 10 on Saturdays and the other problem was Alice was already upset before I'd finished my coffee. Letting Holly sleep in didn't work out either. So I had to wait around home for a while before I could go out, not enough time to do work, too much time to go early.

The package I picked up from the Post Office was RAM sent from my friend Ryan in the US for my iMac [sidenote: one day I should explain how I was able to afford a new Mac so quickly]. I got him to order it on Amazon and ship it to me and it still ended up being cheaper than buying from any Canadian retailer. I was already annoyed that they didn't deliver the package, that I had to walk 20 minutes in the sun, then I saw that the package would have fit in the mailbox.

On the way back my client called to cancel the session today due to illness. OK with me because then I would finally have the couple hours to commit to completing another project that has been taking me way too long.

I got the new RAM installed and tested it twice while Holly did the laundry and I ate lunch. Then, working in 25minute intervals (Pomodoro Technique) I got a little over 2 hours of work done without interruptions and was paid almost immediately. After I caught up on invoices, budget and other paperwork.

When Holly started working on the soup and bagels I took over baby duty and watched TV with Alice. We watched Futurama and Doctor Who with dinner.

I don't have any specific goals for tomorrow yet, which is probably a bad sign.

Next week we have a friend coming from Ontario to stay with us. We're thinking up things to do and try that won't break our budget too badly.

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