Tuesday, September 13, 2011

30DC2 - Day 13

Alice keeps waking us up earlier and earlier every day and is back to waking me up every hour or so at night. This results in tired, cranky people who have no motivation to do anything until early afternoon. The poor chick has another 4 teeth coming in right now so I'm guessing that they are the culprit.

Today after tea, breakfast and probably 3 diaper changes and feedings I finally got around to doing something while Jon was holed up in his studio working on a project. I managed to pull out the seams on a king-size duvet cover that we have that had been repurposed as a curtain for the balcony door until recently. We needed to make a privacy curtain since we now have a combination living room/bedroom and we have a guest arriving tomorrow. Now we have 2 large matching panels hanging from the ceiling and it actually looks pretty decent and didn't cost us anything other than my sanity because I had to let Alice destroy my kitchen in order to buy enough time to get this done. Jon hung them up since I'm a shorty.

We needed a quick lunch after that so I made us a batch of fries. I cut them into thin chips because they taste better that way.

I managed to get Alice down for a nap and then got ready to go out to get some groceries, after an hour she was still asleep so she stayed home with her DaddyMan and I got to go out baby-free. I went to Shopper's Drug Mart because they have a CanadaPost outlet and I needed to mail out my first Etsy sale. Then I picked up a few things, some non-grocery items and some breakfast stuff that we used to buy regularly but haven't bought since we started the challenge in June but we have a guest for a week so I thought it would be a healthy treat.

I spent $8.47 on a jar of mayonnaise($1.99), 1.89L orange juice($2.99) and 1lb unsalted butter ($3.49).

Then at Donald's Market I picked up some more breakfast stuff as well as a couple baking supplies, total spent there was $21.77:
  • 1L 18% cream $3.89
  • 1.89L vanilla soy milk $3.09 (this was a maybe on my list, something I usually buy for $4.69 but was on sale so I picked it up since I use it in my hot cereal and we can have breakfast smoothies with it as well)
  • cream cheese $3.99 (not something I usually buy but I'm going to make bagels at least once this week)
  • can of cocoa powder $4.49 (this will last forever so I finally picked it up)
  • packet of turkey gravy $1.99
  • 2 bananas $0.55
  • 4 russet potatoes $1.90
  • halfish pound champagne grapes $0.88 (Alice loves these for snacks)
  • red food coloring $0.99 (that's right, I'm going to make red velvet something!)

I had some time to spare before dinner so I baked some peanut butter brownies and then did dishes while they baked and then prepped dinner and then fed the pets while everything was on the stove. We had awesome bowls for dinner tonight, one of my favorite ways to use up leftover chicken. I made Alice a teeny one too and she ate most of it before rubbing it into her eye and through her hair. She's so lady-like. I used the packet of turkey gravy I bought today since I couldn't find chicken gravy anywhere and I didn't have enough left from dinner last night.
Tiny "Awesome Bowl" for La La

After dinner Jon gave Alice a bath while I did the bit of dinner dishes. 

I'll have to try to get some laundry in first thing in the morning and give the floor a quick sweep and do a bit of organizing before our guest arrives tomorrow. Hopefully Alice lets me have a decent sleep tonight!

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