Saturday, September 24, 2011

30DC2 - Day 23

OK, here's what happened today.
Alarm went off at 8am, decided NOT to get out of bed and stayed there until 9:30. Last night I finished the last of 19hrs of an audio restoration job. With no other urgent tasks today I figured it's ok to have a late start.
The last couple days we started doing the Swagbucks thing again after I read a way to get points without actually doing anything. We both have accounts building up points a little at a time throughout the day while we do more important things like argue about microphones with other geeks on Twitter. Swagbucks points can be redeemed in a variety of ways, most notably with Amazon gift cards or Paypal deposits.

I downloaded a bunch of TV shows we've been wanting to catch up on. While Marta was here we mostly watched our favorite UK comedies she hadn't seen like The IT Crowd and The Inbetweeners. We were watching a season each night after dinner. I also signed up for another trial of Netflix because of the big Swagbucks promotion happening now (they give you enough points to for almost $10 at Amazon or $5 Paypal).

I worked an hour while Holly did a load of laundry then we got ready to go out.

First stop was Mr. Donair for lunch. I'm on a chicken donair/swharma rampage lately. I've now been to 5 places in Vancouver, I can't rate any of them lower than a 6/10 because they've had great food each time but they've all been fairly different. This is my first time at Mr Donair but I've walked by it hundreds of times (remember I just recently realized donair and swharma are the same). This place was actually pretty expensive ($8 each!) and didn't have the super garlic taste the others had. They don't grill them here, they wrap them a little different and they're really messy. Unique things were the onion/cilantro/parsley mix and it looks like they make their own hummus and tzaziki sauce.

Next up to the bank for a deposit, then library for a drop off. Further up the street is the Shoppers Drug Mart & post office. Bought eggs and got a good deal on shampoo. Fructis was on sale for $2.99 and the bottles each had a $1 off coupon so we grabbed 2. Pretty sweet deal IMO.

Finally we stopped at London Drugs to get two more cases of diapers (on sale). I noticed that some of the baby treats were also on sale, Hollly had coupons for some of them also. With the diaper and snack coupons we saved $9, overall savings would be over $40.

Got home and at 4:30 shut the studio door until 8 so I could mix the ten songs I've been putting off for a week. I think I'm pretty close to finished on all 10.

While I was doing that Holly Vacuumed and cleaned the bathroom.

Dinner was a pasta with a tomato cream sauce.
Looks like I forgot to post the meal plan last week so here it is at the end of the week. The Lasagne was epic. The buffalo chilli a few days earlier was really good too.

arg, bedtime.

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