Monday, September 12, 2011

30DC2 - Day 12

This morning I watched Alice from 8-10 while Holly got some much needed extra sleep. Alice had breakfast then fell asleep so that was pretty easy.

Next up was an hour of work. Then brunch and vacuuming and mopping, then I adapted one of my articles into a podcast script.
Around 2pm Holly made us some spicy Edamame with rice for lunch. It was good but not the same as at Wild Garlic which was awesome. Ours were a bit drier, and the beans weren't quite the same but likely a fresh vs frozen situation.  I don't really know the details but we have several more portions to try cooking in different ways.

Spicy Edamame
My writing and recording this afternoon took a little longer than planned which messed up the schedule a bit. Holly was supposed to drop off old clothes at Value Village but that may have to wait until later in the week now. I wanted to go out for a slurpee before the podcast recording but there wasn't enough time.
Holly made Macaroons (of less failure) in the afternoon.
Crunchy and chewy
Dinner was Roast Chicken and Mashed Potatoes.

Holly made a sale on Etsy finally, that will be mailed tomorrow.
We also need to figure out how to divide the living room and bedroom areas. Currently its one large semi-divided space. We have an extra person sleeping here for a week so our bedroom needs to be private again. We don't have enough material to make curtains and buying something would be a big hit to our budget. I'm sure we'll think of something.

I'm starting the editing process for last week's film gig tomorrow. I estimate that will be about 10 hours split across 4 days but because we have Marta coming Wednesday and I'm at another studio Friday I should probably do it in two days. I may need some energy drinks and snacks, it's not going to be fun.

Meal plan for the next 7 days including today

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