Friday, September 9, 2011

30DC2- Day 9

Since Jon was out all day yesterday and has no idea what went down at home here's a quick rundown:

  • Loaf of French bread from Asian bakery $1.39
  • 3 large bananas and 3 lemons from Chinese market $2.14
  • Donald's Market- total $21.82: Whole chicken, 1 pound ground beef, 1 box Crisco, can of tomato paste $0.79, bag of pasta $0.99, can of diced tomatoes $1.49, over 2 pounds Russet potatoes $1.64, 3 jumbo carrots $1.51, over a pound and a half of green beans $2.04
I really don't remember what else happened other than it was hot and I'm sure I did something around the house!

So, what happened today?

Jon spent most of the day complaining about the garlic he had yesterday. So he had even more garlic today and for some weird reason it seems to have cancelled out yesterday's garlic. Strange. He also worked a bit I guess, I really don't know, the farting kept me away. Lol.

I spent a lot of the day keeping Alice from pulling dirty diapers out of the garbage, stopping her from trying to open the balcony door and peeling paint chips off of the frame and eating them, and pulling her down from the coffee table that she learned to climb up onto. She's a terror, she also didn't nap until 5pm and then someone rang our door and woke her up after just 15 minutes.

In between baby wrangling events I managed to tidy up the living room and finally fold and put away the laundry from a couple days ago.

Around 2 we went out to get some worms and slugs for our teeny snake Noodle and to let Alice play on the swings. I brought a small plastic bag with me thinking there might be some cherries we could pick from the tree at the park if it was still the season. About a block from our place there was a giant blackberry bush hanging over the sidewalk and it was just filled with huge ripe berries. We got right to work picking them and had a good amount within a short amount of time. We continued to the park where we found very few bugs, no cherries but even more blackberries, we picked anything we could reach before heading back and stopping at the park with the swings. Jon took Alice on the swings and I discovered even more blackberries. I nearly filled the small bag, totaling almost 2 pounds of berries! This would be about two pints I think. I may go back tomorrow to pick some more.

Urban foraging FTW! 

Forgot to buy beans for the Mexican Rice planned for tonight so we swapped for Spaghetti with cheesy garlic bread. The stinky cheese we got is awesome for garlic bread.

In the morning Jon has to go to the bank and post office before work in the studio.

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