Tuesday, September 6, 2011

30DC2- Day 5

We skipped the day end post last night in favor of going to bed early, it was a holiday after all so why not? We're usually up until midnight but everything was done early and Jon and Alice were both asleep before 9:30 so  I crawled into bed before 11. Still didn't have a good sleep though since somebody is still going through bouts of teething and cries randomly and rolls around all night.

I was going to go out yesterday for a couple of bulk things that we didn't have room to carry home last time and some cream, milk and fruit but then remembered that most places wouldn't be open so we plan on going out today to do those things as well as checking out the reduced bins for meat.

So here's what happened yesterday.

  • Jon was in his studio pretty much all day
    • Sent the intern to wait in line at the apple store for a return (win!)
    • caught up on some work
    • recorded a podcast
    • Was supposed to have a photoshoot but the photographer was sick
  • Sold old computer monitor for $30
  • I did dishes in the morning from the night before
  • Jon vacuumed
  • smoothies were made for lunch
  • I finally sorted through the bin of baby clothes and other stuff
  • auctions were reposted
  • dishes were put away
  • Alice learned to climb up on the coffee table so I had to either stop her or pull her down a couple dozen times, so tiring
  • I managed to get started on another sewing project
  • pets were fed
  • Dinner was prepped and ready on time as well as an apple crisp for dessert
  • dishes were washed again while Jon gave Alice her bath
That's about it, we watched a bit of tv and just lounged around. Even with the AC running all day it's still quite warm in here, the heat kinda saps your energy and makes it hard to get things done.

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