Friday, September 9, 2011

30DC2 - Day 8

I don't know what happened from Holly's perspective, but my day went well.

Woke up at 6am, coffee, snack, teeth brushed and went outside to wait for my ride at 7.

Set up for the event, a few things didn't go as planned because of the pace and schedule but there's 10 hours of audio with multiple mics to go through now. Hopefully the problem areas can be salvaged. The event was a conference for Exit Strategies for companies and angel investors. I was recording the sound to go with the video. There are always problems and compromises with these situations, and never any time to test things but everyone just has to do their best. A long day of work. I will also be doing the editing and will be paid for bringing my own gear, making almost triple what I originally agreed to. Sweet!

After the event the 3 of us in the crew went out for an early dinner at Wild Garlic in West Vancouver. It's a Cantonese (?) tapas place with a menu largely based on loads of garlic. We ordered almost everything on the Tapas menu, about 10 dishes.
My favorites were:
Cheese, Spinach, Artichoke Dip, Nan Bread
Szechwan Edamame
Wok Seared Garlic Butter Black Tiger Prawns, Focaccia
Roasted Garlic & Camembert Cheese Fondue

At the time I was thinking there wasn't that much garlic in the food. Now I realize I probably ate a whole bulb myself between the Fondue and candied garlic. I'm writing this post post 20 hours later and I can still taste and smell garlic. The gas is horrible and a real productivity killer today. So worth it. I'll be going back again I'm sure, and I think Edamame will be added to our menu soon.

This food was paid for by the event. Food is rarely paid for with my projects so this was a real treat.

As for Holly
There are some receipts on my desk so I guess she got more groceries.

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