Tuesday, September 6, 2011

30DC2 - Day 6

We went to bed early last night, then slept in this morning because we didn't actually sleep well. Alice was thrashing around as usual.

Almost all attempts at productivity this morning were failures. More than 30 minutes were spent looking for a good list app instead of just writing something down on paper or actually starting a task. For one of my jobs today I spent nearly two hours to accomplish what normally takes 20 minutes. The job I wanted to complete today I didn't even get started on.
By 1pm I had given up on trying to keep my ideal schedule. We went out to deposit cash in the bank, get a big bag of flour, and see what food could be found cheap.

We got some $1 pizza slices from Fresh Slice, which were a little undercooked but filling enough.

At Rio's we found cheese on sale. 3 200gm blocks for $7. We usually spent $7 for a 430gm block. We have a few cheesy meals coming up so it will be used up fairly quick.

At Donald's there were more Salmon bones (technically just offcuts of their more expensive filets, including bones) for $1 each and lots of 2.5lb packs of Chicken bones for just $0.50! There is tons of meat on the chicken bones. Enough for 5 batches of soup and 4 cups of broth. Holly roasted and portioned these tonight.

Como Market - Canola oil 3L $6.49, White Flour 22KG $8.99
Donald's Market - 2 x Salmon bones $2, 3x Chicken Bones $1.50, Raspberry Yogurt $2.99, 1L cream $3.89, 2L Milk $3.99, 4 small apples $1.12
Rio's Meats - 3 200g Mild Cheddar $7

Total = $37.97
So far we've spent $92.26 in 6 days, we didn't even go out for 2 of those days. I guess we need to slow down a little.


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