Sunday, September 4, 2011

30DC2 - Day 4

Here's a quick wrap-up of the day, it's pretty late now and I just want to go to bed and hopefully get an hour or 2 of sleep before Alice wakes up again and spends the rest of the night thrashing in our bed!

  • Jon spent nearly the entire day in his studio (working he says)
  • laundry was put away
  • dishes were put away
  • cornbread post was written, that is set up to post tomorrow
  • made homemade pancakes for dinner, that recipe post is written and will be up later in the week
  • breakfast is set up for tomorrow morning
  • Jon took the trash and boxes down
  • dishes and floor are going to have to be done in the morning since Jon will have people over nearly all day again
  • made another batch of simple syrup
  • used the peels from the oranges with dinner to try out a batch of "orange cleaner" that I saw posted on my new favorite blog Penniless Parenting. There are tons of great ideas on her blog, I've bookmarked a bunch of things I want to try in the near future.
  • I remembered to pay the hydro bill
  • pets were fed
  • we had to set up the AC again because it's supposed to be really frigging hot again all week. I wasn't going to set it up today but it got up to 84 with all of the curtains/blinds closed and fans going and I just couldn't deal anymore

Here's the meal plan for the next 7 days. I don't need to get groceries until the 8th. I just have to run out in the morning before it gets too hot for more cream and a bag of flour.

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