Friday, September 23, 2011

30DC2- Days 14-22

It's been a pretty busy week, neither of us has had any time to sit down and write a blog post. We had a house guest for the entire week that we had to entertain and show around, Alice had her 5th tooth pop through and she was sick with "fifth disease (roseola)" the entire week and had a high fever for 2 days. She's feeling much better now, well enough to learn how to climb in and out of bed and meet me on my way back from the bathroom just before 5 this morning in the dark!

So all of today was spent trying to catch up on chores and work. We got a good amount of stuff done but there's still more cleaning to do, the floor is dirty, my laundry is a mountain and the bathroom really needs a scrubbing! I managed to get a load of laundry on the go late last night but since it's been raining nonstop it only just fully dried tonight because of the insane humidity. I really only managed groceries, meals, baking and babycare for the week when we didn't go out anywhere. We did have a good long walk everyday so we got our exercise in. This was directly counteracted by the amount of candy, treats and lunch that our friend insisted on treating us to. We had the most awesome cupcakes that she bought downtown!

We'll total up how much was spent on groceries after I pick up the items for the next week tomorrow. We're going to be over in our allowance but not by much, an extra $20 should cover it. Not too bad really considering we were feeding an extra person. We'll also upload pictures of the yummies I made during the week too!

So on the agenda tomorrow and maybe the next day:

  • groceries
  • banking
  • post office (I had another Etsy sale! Yay!)
  • laundry
  • clean pet houses
  • clean bathroom
  • vacuum and swiffer mop
  • ?
I know a lot more stuff happened but we can't remember it all right now.

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