Wednesday, June 1, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 1 end

So we've survived our first day on a tight budget though we're quite tired from getting up so early and all the running around. Everything on our to-do list was completed by 5pm with most items done before noon. It's 7:30pm and feels like 11pm. For the first time in a long time we've done everything on our list.

So far we've spent $25.45 on groceries. We may have to go out to pick up milk and maybe some deli meat in a couple days so we'll keep a running total as we pick up items throughout the week.

Groceries for Day 1
1 small jar Hellmans Mayonnaise $2.99
1 can Organic Black Beans $1.99
1 L 18% Table Cream $3.89
2.85 lb @ 0.69/lb Red Potatoes $1.97
1.76 lb @ 0.79/lb Jumbo carrots $1.39
1 block Mild Cheddar Cheese $6.99
0.37 lb @ 0.99/lb Vine Tomatoes $0.37
250 mL Sour Cream $1.69
0.30 lb @ 1.69/lb HH Orange Peppers $0.51
0.52 lb @ 1.49/lb Crown Broccoli $0.77
1 box Crisco Shortening $2.89
Total = $25.45

Remember, we're not starting with nothing in the fridge or cupboards but we didn't cheat and stock up before the challenge either. What we have in the cupboards is about what we usually have. We spent $393.54 on groceries last month, not including cleaning supplies or diapers. That's become our average and it's way too much.

Deviations from list
We had fresh green beans on our shopping list but they weren't a reasonable price so dinner tomorrow will have frozen peas instead. The store was out of ground turkey we'll need to get some on the weekend.

Dinner tonight was pancakes and fried leftover ham (a $7 ham from last week made 3 meals). Hashbrowns were on the meal plan but decided to go with a lighter meal.

The next couple weeks it should be fairly easy to stick to the budget or even be below while we go through our freezer and pantry stash. When supplies start to get low is when it's going to get tricky! Some weeks the grocery bill may be higher if we need a giant bag of rice or go to the butcher for a meat order since there is a discount for buying a certain number of pounds but it should even out when we don't have to buy meat the following week.

So far so good.

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