Monday, June 20, 2011

30 Day Challenge- Day 20

This morning we got up fairly early, around 8 when the construction across the street woke us. Despite getting up early it doesn't seem like we got a lot accomplished. The day went by quick.

Holly baked another loaf of bread which we had half of for lunch and half for dinner. She also cleaned the bathroom.
iced coffees and smoothies were made. I recorded an episode of The Home Recording show in the afternoon. Dishes were done while dinner was prepared.
Baby bath, then dinner while watching Army Of Darkness.

Food tonight was pulled pork sandwiches and roasted potatoes. The sauce we used for the pork was very close to the stovetop rib recipe from last week.

After dinner I samples slinky noises which sound just like sci-fi laser blasts when done right. Fun!

Alice keeps us from getting much more than that accomplished. The majority of the day was spent keeping her from breaking my stuff, eating dirt on the floor, or from hurting herself. She succeeded in all three today. Sigh.

We still suck at time management. We have a to do list but that's not enough. Tomorrow may be a busy day, we should probably shut off the internet for a while during the day to keep us focused, I know it has become a major distraction for me and even if I just avoid Twitter for an afternoon I get more done.

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