Thursday, June 23, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 23

It's criminal how much time and energy taking care of a baby takes. Not only do I feel like I got nothing done, I actually got nothing done. I'm exaggerating but it was definitely not a very productive day.

At 8:30 I did not want to get out of bed, that is already an hour and a half past when the alarm went off. Not a good start.

Holly went to Dressew again for sewing supplies while I stayed home with Alice. This time she went with a better list and better idea of what is needed. $59 spent there, which will (hopefully) be made back easily once she gets building some products.
Alice was pretty good while Holly was away but I still couldn't do anything because she needs constant attention or supervision. She just wants to climb and pull on things and yell when I'm recording.

I guest hosted on a friend's podcast today and watched the movie 'Paul'. I did some rough editing on some recorded sounds but I think some will need to be redone.

Dinner tonight was Sweet & Sour pork stirfry on rice. H is not allowed to make this anymore.

We're definitely slacking in the blog writing besides the daily updates. The blog doesn't make us any money so its hard to justify devoting much time to it at this point. We have a huge list of topics and many things started but finishing posts takes time and a clear head. It's impossible to concentrate with a baby whining or crying.

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