Thursday, June 16, 2011

30 Day Challenge- Day 16

Let's start with the good news.
A couple weeks ago we received notification that Holly's Maternity benefits have ended. This was way earlier than expected and just didn't make sense. We refused to accept it and I got Holly to submit an appeal.
A Service Canada agent called this morning to get more information. About an hour later we found out the case was skipping the appeal process and was approved for more benefits. The error was on their end and because we actually spoke up we'll get 12 more weeks of benefits. This will really help our family.

If you're on EI or Maternity/Parental benefits and you think they've made an error, speak up! File an appeal, there's nothing to lose, if it is their mistake or you can convince them of some other reason, you can get additional benefits.

Here is the meal plan for the next week, not sure how it ended up being just chicken and pork.

We did the majority of our grocery shopping at Walmart this week. We went for diapers which were on sale, and had coupons for and found that the prices for groceries were as good or better than our usual places. We don't go to Walmart often because its inconvenient to get to but we had a ride today.
Here's the groceries:
Dempsters mini tortillas - $3.18 (and 0.75 coupon)
2 lbs bag of organic carrots - $1.27
1L 2% Milk - $2.07
2L Vanilla Soy - $4.27
5 red potatoes - $2.12
2 oranges - $1.09
3 broccoli crowns - $1.96
2 900g bags of pasta - $1.50 each
French's Mustard - $2.17
1 can flaked Turkey - $1.97
1 can Black Beans - $0.97
1 can Cream Of Chicken Soup - $0.77
Total = $24.09
The only thing extra we purchased was the mustard, which we were low on and it will last nearly a year. It's also cheaper here than anywhere we've seen.
We were tempted to buy another big box of tea, but that's $9 out of our budget and we're not out yet. It can wait.
There were a few things we couldn't get today on our list: pork roasts, shallots, cheese, and chicken breast. These items were either not available or were more expensive than usual. These things will be picked up Friday.
Total for the month is:  $119.81

The No Knead Bread was completed tonight (it takes 22hrs to make) and turned out great. We might use it for grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch tomorrow or we may eat it all with butter. Recipe coming soon.

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