Monday, June 13, 2011

30 Day Challenge- Day 13

We had to run out to get some cream and pizza sauce today adding $5.87 to our grocery total. We've now spent $88.44 almost 2 weeks into the month. The freezer stash is dwindling and the fridge looks pretty sparse in the day or 2 before the weekly shopping trip. We don't need groceries until Thursday so it may be just be condiments and iced tea just like when we first moved out on our own!

I made some "quick" ribs in sauce for dinner tonight using the aforementioned condiments. I'll post that tomorrow probably. They were awesome, juicy and tender. We had baked potatoes and carrots with them.

I did another load of laundry today and did dishes. Jon fixed my tomato plants again. They are out of control! They are giant and twisted and even though they are right in the window they lean really badly. I think it's because I fertilized them with coffee as per the suggestion of the internet.

Wednesday was previously going to be a giant sandwich for dinner but that's a bit of a pricy meal so we switched it for a pizza roll to use up bits of stuff we have in the fridge. I already have the pizza dough in the freezer.

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