Thursday, June 2, 2011

30 Day Challenge-Day 2 End

We've survived another day!

We got everything but the bagels and sewing done. I managed to sew a button back onto one of Alice's dresses and fold and trim the fraying seam on 2 yards of fabric that need to be pinned and sewed into a curtain to cover a bookcase used for storage.

Decluttering! A bag full of stuff went to Value Village and a bunch of baby stuff went to Little Earth . Once everything sells the credit will be used for Alice's fall and winter clothes since we're set for summer stuff.

Laundry also got done early this morning. Bagels can wait until tomorrow.

Picked up a couple more grocery items, the butcher shop still had 3lb hams for $7 each. The one I bought last week made 3 meals and probably could have lasted for 4 if we hadn't devoured so much the first night. I also got a tray of ground chicken for just $1, it went right into the freezer since the sell by date was today.

Also bought the following:

  • 1 L Homo milk-$2.39
  • Ground chicken-$1
  • 1.81 lb Russet Potatoes @$0.69/lb-$1.25
  • 2 packets instant chicken noodles @$0.45 each-$0.90
  • Frozen Ham $7
Total $12.54

Adding to the previous total of $25.45 we've already spent $37.99. I think that's it for the week unless we need more fruit. We're still about $10 below our weekly allowance, it would be nice to have the extra cash next week

We'll leave you with a picture of tonight's dinner, please ignore that the meatloaf is a bit overdone, the baby needed to be fed so it sat in the oven for a bit longer than it needed.

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