Monday, June 27, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 26

What happened today? Not a whole lot.
I went downtown for my meetup event. Granville St. was closed for the Latincouver event. Granville still looks pretty bad after the riot earlier this month.
The meetup went well except for low attendance. That's disappointing because I spent all day yesterday preparing for this event and only 4 people came. I know this can be a good source of income but it can be frustrating.
On the way home I saw public urination. We have real classy ladies in this part of town.

We sold our icecream maker that didn't fit in our freezer today for $20. So in total I made $40 and spent $21 on bus tickets.

The mail strike has been forced to end. Mail delivery resumes Tuesday.

While I was out Alice cried the whole time so nothing got accomplished at home.

Dinner was stuffed giant shell pasta and it was good.

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