Friday, June 24, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 24

First thing this morning we sold the outgrown baby bathtub for $15. A couple days ago we sold the outgrown bouncer, along with the luggage sold earlier in the week we now have $85 extra income this week. Getting rid of these large occasional use items is great in itself. This money will be saved for our grocery budget next month.

Speaking of grocery budget, it's all gone. We spent the last of it today. We have just enough to get another carton of cream. $196.04 spent total. Last week I thought we'd have more than enough, and now we may have to cheat.

1 can White Beans $0.99
1 small zucchini $0.25
3 lemons $1.00
1 pack Chinese noodles
Ground beef $2.17
Chicken legs $2.37
Wild Salmon $3.42
Eye Of Round Steak $2.05
Oyster Sauce $2.29
Cooking wine $1.49
Sesame Oil $2.79
1 can Tomato paste $0.79
1 can Diced tomatoes $1.49
1 can tomato sauce $1.49
fresh Green beans $2.97
Broccoli crowns $2.91
Russet  Potatoes $1.19
1 package Linguine (500g) $0.99
454g block Mozzarella Cheese $5.49
Cooking Onion $0.24
Total = $38.07

Dinner was Minestrone and buttermilk biscuits.
The Minestrone recipe was adapted from Two Peas and Their Pod
The biscuits were from Momtastic. These turned out awesome, you should try it.

I did some late-night googling and figured out why Holly was having so much trouble with the sewing machine. 1 simple thing, the way the bobbin was loaded, made all the difference. She's been fighting with it for over a month. Tonight she made a pair of sleep shorts for Alice and a lady bug fridge magnet, without any cursing or screaming. Big improvement. Hopefully more projects will be done tomorrow.

Meal plan for the rest of the month:

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