Friday, June 10, 2011

30 Day Challenge- Day 10

No spending at all today, just cleaning and organizing and writing out some ideas that we have. I want to go to Value Village soooooo badly but we don't need anything right now, we really don't need anything until the weather gets cool

Today I accomplished a lot of small items:

  • ironing, folding and putting away my pile of fabric
  • baked cookies
  • put away dishes
  • vacummed
  • changed sheets
  • put away laundry and drying rack
  • wrangled my gnarly, twisting tomato plants into submission
  • dinner
  • three 1 hour long Alice naps ( this one is incredible!)
  • repost Gothauctions ads
  • post 2 Craigslist ads

Jon got some work in today, washed dishes, cleaned and organized his workspace and did a lot of brainstorming and prep for upcoming projects.

Here is how dinner turned out. Very tasty, and not overly filling because we cut the portion size down from what we normally would eat.

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