Friday, June 3, 2011

Make Your Own Sugar Scrub

[post by Holly]

Summer is here and before I get into dresses and sandals for the next few months, I need to scrub off the rough stuff from my feet.
Body scrubs are surprisingly expensive, $4.99 and higher for a jar that would fit in the palm of my hand! Looking at the ingredients I realized that they're all very similar. Some sort of oil, sugar or other abrasive, essential oil and a fragrance. Everything else appeared to be preservatives. Foot scrubs appeared to have the same ingredients with the addition of some sort of menthol.

It seemed like it would be pretty easy to make my own based on what the store bought ones contain. I had everything at home as far as I knew. I did some Googling and came up with a lot of different recipes and adapted a few to create what I think is the easiest method.

Olive Oil Sugar Scrub
So here's what you need:

  • Oil: olive, coconut or sweet almond seemed to be the top three: I used olive oil because that was what I happened to have in my cupboard. Every recipe advised against using canola or other high viscosity oils
  • Sugar: I used regular light granulated white sugar in mine. You can use raw sugar if you want more scrubbing power or finer ground for a lighter scrub. Don't use brown sugar, it gets goopy and nasty because it contains molases.
  • Essential oil or perfume oil: I didn't have any but I did have some perfume oil samples from The Morbid The Merrier. This vial (Voix De Ville) was half full ( 0.5ml) and was enough to cover the olive oil scent of my scrub
  • A bowl to mix your scrub in
  • A cute jar to put your finished product into

Add your oil to your sugar a little at a time until all of the sugar has a bit of oil but isn't liquid, you want it to still have a crumbly texture.  Then I added my half vial of perfume oil, if you're using essential oil just add a couple drops and stir it up really well.

I pre-measured my sugar into my jar to make sure it would fit, my jar would hold a half cup. I also measured my oil as I was adding it, 4 tablespoons was perfect. My olive oil gave the scrub a greenish tint which I chose not to enhance with food coloring but green or blue would look great.

I just used it in the shower and it was pretty good! While using it I could really smell the olive oil, but once I got out and dried off I smelled like the perfume. Left me feeling exfoliated and I didn't need to use lotion afterwards!
This scrub is comparable to expensive scrubs I've used but because it contains no glycerin it doesn't leave any kind of slippery or soapy residue.
Try not to get water in the jar, this can be tricky in the shower but your scrub will last much longer.

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