Monday, June 13, 2011

Iced coffee

In the summer when its already hot and sticky when you roll out of bed, an iced coffee is just what you need to get you going without altering your morning routine too much. Iced Coffee is refreshing and still packs a kick like a super strong cup of coffee. Pioneer Woman posted her Perfect Iced Coffee recipe today but it's pretty complicated. This is how we've been doing iced coffee for the past couple months.

This takes a little more preparation than our iced tea recipe and costs more but not as much as one from a coffee shop or convenience store. McDonalds has iced coffee for $1 right now and that would be a cheaper option.

Whole milk, Vanilla Soy or cream
Simple Syrup

Start by brewing some double strength coffee. We use a coffee press and use 10 scoops of fresh ground coffee and fill the pot with boiled water. If you use a coffee maker just double the usual amount of grounds.
Let it steep all day and cool completely before pouring it into a carafe or pitcher and keep it in the fridge.

To make a glass of iced coffee: fill a glass with ice and add a few tablespoons of simple syrup. Add 1/3 to 1/2 the glass of the chilled coffee base. Fill the rest of the glass with Milk/Soy/Cream. Add chocolate syrup if you have it.
Stir and enjoy.

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