Tuesday, June 28, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 28

Did you see? We posted a recipe today. We've got an article ready for tomorrow morning.

This morning Alice woke us around 7. Holly put another no-knead bread in the oven and we got started on house cleaning. Garbage, dishes, floors, and bathroom all done before noon.

For lunch I tried to make some fried chow mein style noodles but it didn't turn out as expected. I think I know what to do next time though. Holly had some brand of super spicy noodles.

In the afternoon I did another taping of my podcast and Holly made hair clips and headbands to possibly sell, but mostly just to figure out the techniques and what can be done.

For dinner we shared a Salmon steak with a noodle sidedish and steamed green beans. We watched Masterchef and some version of Law and Order.
Alice actually slept through dinner but is terrorizing us now that we're trying to get things done before bed.

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