Sunday, June 19, 2011

30 Day Challenge- Day 18

We got up early and had a busy day. At once point I was working on 5 things simultaneously in the kitchen.

I had to run out and pick up the few grocery items that we didn't get from Walmart the other day.

Groceries today:
  • Chicken breast-$4.28
  • 1L of 18% Cream-$3.89
  • 1 white onion-$0.53
  • Grapes-$2.77
  • Cheddar cheese-$6.99
  • Apples-$2.33
  • Pork roast-$2.03
  • Pork roast-$2.25

$25.07 worth of groceries today, making our total so far $144.88. Only 12 more days to go and we probably have enough groceries to do us until the 24th. I think we're going to come in under budget!

The highpoint of my day was seeing this sign in front of our building:

The lowpoint of my day was a few minutes later when a crow tried to attack me on the way to get groceries! What a weird day.

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