Tuesday, June 7, 2011

30 Day Challenge- Day 7

We've made it a whole week and we've managed to spend below our weekly grocery allowance, last week I actually bought enough groceries for 8 days of meals without noticing. Not sure how that happened. So I don't need to buy groceries until Thursday now, I'm out of a couple things but I can deal with that for one extra day. I'll post up the menu and grocery list tomorrow. I wonder if we'll have extra cash at the end of the month?

I didn't go out today, Jon ended up being out for quite a bit longer than he thought he would be and by the time he got back the places I needed to go were closed. I'll have to head out tomorrow and get my stuff done while he hangs out with the lady baby. I did dishes, made hamburger buns and entertained Alice. She was lovely and good today and actually napped!

Hope to get more accomplished tomorrow.

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