Thursday, June 9, 2011

30 Day Challenge- Day 9

Here is the meal plan for the next 7 days.

Groceries today came to $44.58, we didn't pick up sandwich stuff because we're not having it for an entire week. I might scrap that idea and come up with something else using what we have because giant sandwich night usually costs quite a bit and we're just under the weekly grocery allowance.

We spent $15.66 at the butcher on pork cutlets, pork ribs, chicken and 2 pounds of margarine.  Got some flax seed, granola and walnuts in bulk for $3.54

At Donald's Market for $25.38
Organic Vanilla Soy 1.89L
Half and Half cream 1L
Tomato Sauce
Crown Broccoli
Mozzarella cheese
4 Nectarines
1 White Onion
2 Russet Potatoes
1 orange pepper
4 Ambrosia Apples
2 jumbo carrots
1 package discount vine tomatoes

Last week we only spent $37.99, so far our running total is at $82.57, less than half of our allowance of $200. Will we come in under budget? I'm really surprised that we've been doing so well.

The only extra spending was my trip to the fabric store and Jon's Starbucks meeting where he only spent about $3 and got a code for a free drink for completing a survey. We used it this morning on a Venti Java Chip  Frappucino that we shared since we ran out of cream for our morning drinks. We were lucky enough to get yet another code for a free drink. We'll probably use it next week when we go out for groceries.

Also got laundry done and posted a Craigslist ad. I keep receiving Similac coupons so I just keep giving them away to someone who needs them.

Pork cutlet sandwiches for dinner tonight. Buns were leftover from the burgers Tuesday. No waste!

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