Saturday, June 4, 2011

30 Day Challenge- Day 3 End

[post by Holly]
Uh oh, only Jon went outside today! I was bad! I did bake bagels and a meat pie and I got some of my craft stuff done so it wasn't a total bust and no money was spent.
Jon did a bunch of studio stuff in the morning and booked a couple more gigs for later in the month. He also dropped off half the banana bread for Chris at a studio down the street.
Not much on the agenda for tomorrow. Light housecleaning, sewing possibly.
We have a bunch of recipes and articles ready to post so stay tuned. The first week of this blog has been fun and more successful that we predicted.

We had chicken pie for dinner and it was very tasty. We made sure to only eat half. Pie crust and filling recipes coming later this week.

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