Wednesday, June 22, 2011

30 Day Challenge- Day 22

I spent pretty much all day making a stroller bag. Why all day? That's how long it takes to get a sewing project done with baby interruptions, other chores and food breaks! I had also never done this type of project before so it was trial and error and slow going, not to mention my machine is having thread tension problems. Sigh. So the end product is a bit sloppy but it's only for me so it's good enough. Not too bad looking really. I'll try making another one sometime soon and then maybe another after that. Practice makes perfect.

I also put away yesterday's dishes, washed tonight's dishes while dinner was in the oven and out away the dry laundry.

Jon did work, then podcast editing and then walked 1.5hrs to get crickets for our frog.

Jon forgot to total up the groceries after yesterday's additions. We've now spent $157.97 with a week to go still. I think we'll still come in under $200 but not as far as we originally thought. We've gotten a bit loose with the grocery list as we get closer to the end of the month and have been picking up healthy but unnecessary items. We'll have to address this next month by expanding the grocery list a bit, we find ourselves short on lunch stuff at least once a week and end up shopping hungry. We may also plan out lunches so we're not browsing the cupboard and blahing at everything in it.

Shepherds pie for dinner:

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