Friday, June 17, 2011

30 Day Challenge- Day 17

Hhmm, today was a pretty unremarkable day. We didn't go outside and it feels like we didn't really do anything, not sure how this happened but I guess it's okay every once in a while. I did do laundry, make 3 headbands which might be good enough to sell, and cooked dinner but that was it. It seems like the whole day just flew by. [ <- 'cause you slept till 10 dude - Jon]

I hope to get a few more projects done tomorrow, I have 2 yards of a really nice fabric that I finally found a purpose for so I would like to get started on that. I may post a tutorial tomorrow instead of a recipe.

Jon has a couple of articles that will be published in Canadian Musician Magazine in the next couple issues. That should be a  good way to promote his professional adventures.
Jon spent the afternoon recording and editing and prepping a bunch of new audio samples to sell.

The mail strike going on now is delaying some cheques. It's very weird not getting mail for a whole week, not even flyers.

We used some of the no kneed bread for Grilled Cheese sandwiches. Worked well, the bread had a nice crunch to it. It would have been better with some stronger cheese, the medium cheddar was over powered by the bread flavor. Old cheddar would be a great combo, or maybe some salami slices in with the Medium cheddar. It was a filling lunch.

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