Thursday, June 30, 2011

30 Day Challenge- Day 30!

We've made it the entire month! We each drank 1 sugary drink with dinner to celebrate. I got 2 Arizona Mucho Mango and Jon got 2 Cokes. After an entire month without I really didn't want a pop, I have a feeling it would have tasted gross and made me feel gross as well. Tomorrow we'll likely devour the chocolate we got, it's still in the freezer and will probably stay there until at least noon. I don't think it would be a good idea to have it for breakfast no matter how badly Jon wants to! I also got a single bag of super buttery microwave popcorn that I don't plan on sharing. Jon got a bottle of chocolate syrup to add to his iced coffees.

Today's groceries were for the next 11 days worth of meals. That came to a total of $53.47 even with extras such as a box of cereal that was a good price, granola bars for $1 and an over 1kg tray of slightly overripe peaches for $1. I'll probably slice those up and bag and freeze them for smoothies. We got all but 2 things that were on the list so we'll have to go back out for those as well as more fruits and veggies. That's close to an entire week's grocery allowance. Pretty good. Lunch tomorrow is canned ravioli and dinner is chicken wings and veggie sticks.

This morning the laundry got done, the floors got cleaned and the dishes from last night were washed as well as today's dishes were washed tonight so tomorrow we're taking an "off" day. Probably just play a video game and snack. I still plan on working on some more projects and decluttering my makeup, jewelry and some clothes. Jon is launching another sample library for sale but he's getting the rest of that set up tonight. Speaking of decluttering, Alice is no longer interested in her expensive jumperoo now that she's mobile so we've listed that on Craigslist. It's been sitting in the corner of our living room taking up space and collecting dust so it's time for it to go. It's in perfect condition and was fairly pricey so we think we can get a good amount for it. We got rid of a lot of outgrown baby stuff this month.

So here's the rundown on how we did this month:

The good

  • We spent just a little over $200 on groceries, $202.80 according to receipts but I know we're missing a couple dollar store purchases so lets say maybe $210. We still cut our grocery bill in half.
  • Decluttering is an ongoing process but we're doing quite good. Clothes and baby stuff went to consignment shops, large items and baby gear was sold on Craigslist which took care of some of our credit card bill and half of this month's groceries.
  • We're staying on top of cleaning. The more often it's done the easier the cleaning job is, no more spending 10 minutes scrubbing the tub because I haven't been arsed to do it in 3 weeks. Just a spray with cleaner and it only takes a quick wipe and rinse. Same goes with letting the dishes pile up, it's easier when there is only a day's worth to do, stuff isn't dried on and there's enough room in the dish rack.
  • We bought a $12 laundry drying rack and it paid for itself in 2 weeks, I can only do 1 load of laundry at a time now because that's all the rack will hold but it saves up the $2 per load on the dryer and it's good incentive to keep up on the washing. This saves $8 per week which comes out to $416 a year
  • I've been baking bread and bagels so we don't have to buy any and that's working out pretty well, sometimes I do cookies and other treats too
  • Meal planning is done for an entire month, we're pretty good at not eating much ore than a portion size lately too
The bad
  • Going to bed before 11 has not been happening. Alice will not go to sleep. How do people get their babies to sleep at like 7 or 8? Seriously, I want to know, how the hell do you do it? The other night she was awake until almost 2am despite us actually getting up early that day.
  • Getting up by 7 is happening rarely because of the aforementioned "baby being a wild animal until the wee hours of the morning" and we're exhausted in the morning. It's a vicious cycle.
  • We haven't been exercising every day, hell we haven't even been leaving the apartment every day. We need to at least go around the block even if the weather is a bit gross. 
  • I really need to get my Etsy shop up and running. I'm making very slow progress on my projects, I want to make things each day but eating and cleaning have been taking priority over crafting when Alice finally goes down for a nap.
So our goals for the next month are:

  1. We need to stick to the schedule we set for ourselves June 1st, planning out what we want to do each day and how long it will take and actually getting each thing done
  2. Make 6 Etsy worthy items each weekday. I want to have a bit of money coming in
  3. Both of us are carrying around extra "baby" fat from preggo eating. It needs to go. We need to exercise
  4. Drink more water. Several times a day we both find ourselves thinking "Damn, I'm thirsty!" Gotta keep refilling that water bottle
  5. Sort out the lunch situation. We eat breakfast and dinner but sometimes nothing in between. This sucks, skipping a meal makes you feel crappy and cranky and less likely to get things done.
That's all I can think of for now, it's late and I have to sneak back into bed before Alice wakes up. I actually got her into bed just after 11!

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